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Home Sweet Home Watch conducts a thorough weekly or bi-weekly (depending on your needs) physical inspection of the exterior and interior of your property. Inspections are geared towards identifying any problems so corrective measures can be taken to prevent further damage to the property. A completed inspection checklist is placed in the home at the end of the inspection and the homeowner is notified of the inspection results via email.

Exterior Inspection:
√ Check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, other damage
Broken windows
√ Animal/insect/rodent presence or damage
√ Water/snow/ice damage
√ Exterior wear and tear
√ Fire danger
√ Propane tank level check

√ Utility connections

Interior Inspection:
√ Check all mechanical systems functionality
mousetrap√ Test all toilets and faucets
√ Check for broken or frozen pipes

√ Check all major appliances
√ Check and adjust heating system to seasonal needs
√ Check circuit breaker box
√ Check for rodent presence inside house and garage
√ Check for water leakage in roof, ceiling, skylights and windows
Other areas/items inspected per homeowner request

Additional Actions:
√ Place mail inside home
√ Removal of debris/papers/flyers on property
√ Replace smoke alarm batteries
√ Accept packages and deliveries at HSHWatch office

√ Once per month run dishwasher, washing machine, Jacuzzi to lubricate seals
√ Other areas/items inspected per homeowner request

Home Sweet Home Watch prepares your home for your arrival so you can begin enjoying your stay the minute you walk through the door! The thermostat(s) will be set at a comfortable level, water heater turned up, well pump turned on, lights turned on, and window coverings opened so you can enjoy the blue skies.


delivery services√ Accepting package and deliveries at client’s home
√ Meeting delivery personnel for delivery of goods
√ Meeting professionals contracted by homeowner for upgrades or      improvements

√ Meeting insurance adjustor at property
√ Organizing and overseeing cleaning, maintenance and/or      installations at property


Cleaning suppliesSome Home Sweet Home Watch clients want their home deep cleaned – bathrooms, kitchen, windows, carpet, flooring, etc. Home Sweet Home Watch refers and schedules professionals to do this cleaning for you. Advanced notice is required. Fees are charged for scheduling and also for meeting cleaning personnel at property.



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