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Should the water heater be turned off when the property is vacant?
It is recommended that gas or electric water heaters be turned to their lowest setting while you’re gone. An electric water heater can be turned off at the circuit breaker box and the gas water heater can be turned off at the pilot light and gas supply line closed. The water heater can or cannot be drained.

Should the well pump be turned off upon leaving?
Yes, it is recommended that the pump’s circuit breaker be turned off. This prevents continuous flooding in the case of a broken pipe. During the home inspection process, the well pump is turned on to check for broken pipes and to fill the p-traps throughout the home.  The well pump is turned off upon leaving the property.

Should the water supply to the washing machine be turned off?
Yes, the washing machine hoses can break, causing flooding. If the water supply in
the house is not turned off, it is recommended that the washing machine faucets are
turned to the ‘off’ position.

At what temperature should the thermostats be set?
During the winter months, the thermostats should be set between 50°F to 55°F. This should prevent freezing of the pipes provided insulation is adequate. Sheet rock manufacturers recommend that the room temperatures be kept between 50°F and 55°F to prevent damage to sheet rock. Continue your propane service during your absence. During the warm months the thermostats can be set at their lowest setting.

Should rodent deterrent devices be set during our absences?
Yes, rodent deterrents and traps should be placed inside the home and garage. Home Sweet Home Watch checks the traps, refreshes bait when needed and disposes of dead rodents.

Should we unplug appliances?
It is recommended that appliances such as the toaster, counter-top microwave, televisions, alarm clocks, etc. be unplugged to prevent damage in case of a power surge. Home Sweet Home Watch will reconnect appliances before your arrival.



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